Escape From B-Movie Hell

Your space adventure is about to begin ...

Escape From B-Movie Hell

OK, so you've discovered you're telepathic and that your best friend is really a giant space lobster. On the up side, at least nothing else can go wrong ... or can it?

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Here's what some independent reviewers say..

'I adored this book, it is everything I've been missing since the end of the Hitchhikers' Guide series.' - Amazon reviewer.

'I like sci-fi a lot. My favourite book is Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, but this was almost as good. Perfect mix of sci-fi and humour all the way through to the exciting end. Best book I've read for months.'  - 15 year old on the judging panel for the Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

'The further I got into the book; the harder it became to put it down.' - Amazon reviewer.

'It has a great plot with really convincing characters that are well written...' - Amazon reviewer.

Escape From B-Movie Hell, bronze medal winner, teen category,

Wishing Shelf Book Awards, 2015