Escape From B-Movie Hell

OK, so you've discovered you're telepathic and that your best friend is really a giant space lobster. On the up side, at least nothing else can go wrong, can it?

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Here's what some independent reviewers say...

' This is a funny story, full of great characters, even though most of them wade through marmite scented goo and have a tendency to clack their pincers at you. There's serious stuff at the bottom of it but it's taken lightly and, although it's a long book, trust me, it flies past. I love this and would enjoy more or similar.' - Ignite - Amazon top 500 Reviewer

' Welcome to Escape from 'B' movie Hell ! I honestly expected something worthy of the 'Golden Turkey' awards! What I actually found was a well written, funny and riveting read. I was so enthralled in the action that I read the whole book in one sitting! MT McGuire's style reminds me of Harry Harrison's unique comic style, as in the Stainless Steel Rat series. However, the pace of the action found me holding my breath at times and the humour kept me chuckling during the early hours of the morning.' - Amazon Reviewer