Christmas Lites: VI

Enjoy some short stories and help those in need at the same time.

Christmas Lites started some years ago. A writer on the Amazon forums was being Santa for an event organised by his Real Life work. But he found himself in the wrong place, a women's refuge. He was greeted, shown in and the women with their kids gathered round. The only gift these kids had that Christmas was to escape with their lives. So here's our man, with his bag of candy canes and not much else. He gave them out and explained he'd be back which he was, the next day, with a sack of toys.

From that year on he was instrumental in organising a charity anthology in aid of said refuge: Christmas Lites. He died of cancer a few years back, but his kind deed lives on and each year, a group of writers get together and donate stories for this anthology. This is the first time I've actually got my shit together and managed it.

Any money raised from sales goes to the the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. It's an American charity, but as a fellow participant commented, a punch hurts just the same, wherever you are.

Christmas Lites VII is available in paperback and ebook format from Amazon and Nook/Barnes & Noble. Links to other retailers should be available soon at Books 2 Read: